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I love the style and color and think it’s super fun with color and style analysis. It is exciting to see what a difference it will be for the look if you are wearing the right colors. Often, like one of the colors to fit in but not always.

For me, such as orange a big no no color! I really picks up the color of the face and looks like a carrot. The only problem is that I love orange. But when I analyze myself in the mirror I see that orange, unfortunately, not at all for me (and I have orange on me so I try not to have the closest face). But it is fortunate that there are so many other wonderful colors.


Similarly, to find his body shape, what clothes suit me? And the shape of the face is also critical for the type of glasses, jewelry, hair styles and necklines should have.

There’s no need, and everyone can have everything, but there are things and colors that you as a person fits better in than others.

Here are some great link to find your style:
The chic fashionista
Cardigan Empire
Cardigan Empire color analysis
Pretty your world
Pretty your world color analysis
Into Mind

If you want to find which season you are so my tip is to test several of the various pages and then analyze the responses to find out what exactly you are. Some are easier to see on while others can be really hard.



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