Down below you will find our accessoirs and if you go to the black bar on top you will find necklaces and bracelets. Happy shopping ♥

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gul och lila pouff

vit pouff

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Fur Pouff.  Comes in 7 colors: fushia, beige (out of stock), black, white, and bubble gum pink with silver hardware. Yellow and Soft purple with gold hardware.

Chunky pochette chain. A 75 cm chunky chain with 14 carat gold plated clasps.

The lovely Pochette chain which is perfect for all small bags and clutches. Comes in light gold w/ matte gold clasp, matte silver w/ matte silver clasp or gun metal w/ matte silver or matte gold clasp. Lenght 125cm/49inches. SEK250/USD30

You can also order a shorter lenght of 75 cm. SEK200/USD22

Our refrigerator magnets. Set of three for 100SEK/12USD

Set 1 – Twerkin, I don’t do fashion (black), Roberto (white)
Set 2 – Donna (black), I don’t do fashion (white), Chanelish
Set 3 – Prada, Roberto (white), Chanelish (white)

or if in stock, choose the three you like the most (send me an e-mail, with the magnets you would like to have)

How to order

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